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Suzhou East power connector Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic area - Huqiu north side

      Located in the humanistic scenic area north side of tiger hill,The suzhou dongwei is only 6 km from suzhou railway station and closely neighbors on the traffic artery of shanghai-nanjing expressway and no.312 state high-way,enjoying very convenient communications and transportation. Starting to be constructed in 2000,dongwei mainly produces various kinds of ffc and di-fferent varieties of wire clusters and speakers; the com-pany's advanced technical equipment and sci-entifical production management ensure its daily output of 1 million pcs of connecting wires of different kinds,and its rational tech-nological procedures and effective quality assurance make the company well received by the customers in the supporting service for LG,Sharp,Philips, Benq and Yamaha. ...

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